ELIZA will match a pattern in the input represented as * . ELIZA will randomly choose from the specified responses you provide! If you use (1) in the response, it will match the pattern where the first asterix is, and (2) will match the pattern where the second asterix is.

For example:

* are so cool! *
            You seem to really like (1).
            Whoah! You like (1)?
            I don't think anything is cool.

YOU: Brains are so cool!
ELIZA: Whoah! You like brains?

* studying Cognition is *
            I know! It totally is (2)!
            Why would you say that it's (2)?
            I don't know if I should feel insulted or excited.

YOU: Studying Cognition is awesome!
ELIZA: I know! It totally is awesome!

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